240 Sanitary Kits for Lalitpur Schools

Only two more days to go before the support centre closes for the main festival season. The team feels more than ready for a break, after three full on months of Covid relief work, starting with food distribution packages, a health camp and the ongoing reusable sanitary kit program, providing incomes over the lockdown. We’re now coming towards the end of the distributions and yesterday another 240 schoolgirls received the free, eco-friendly kits. 170 kits went to Shree Sarswati Secondary School and 70 to Shree Chhampidevi Secondary. School, in the district of Lalitpur. We were told that 45 percent of the students have to walk for over one hour each way to get to school and back each day and that the kits were much appreciated.Since schools reopened in mid-September, we’ve distributed over 1,800 kits (3,600 sets), with more to go out once the festival season is over. Meanwhile, WONDERWorks would like to wish everyone a peaceful, enjoyable and safe holiday. Happy Dashain and Tihar!

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