Anu, Health Nurse & Counsellor

WONDERWorks  continues to sponsor Anu, our tireless and enthusiastic health nurse and counsellor, who took up her important role in November 2013. During our recent trip to Nepal we visited one of her classes at the drop in centre in Gongabu and were impressed by the large numbers attending.  Records show that there is clearly a need for the classes and health clinic that Anu provides. All of her classes show good attendance and cover a number of topics including Puberty, Adolescent Health Problems, Family Planning and Sexually Transmitted Diseases. A recent class on Breast Cancer and Self Examination had forty-nine participants! Although the ladies and girls tend to be reticent about expressing their health concerns, Anu conducted forty-six private health counselling sessions in the first three months of her employment. In between all her weekly  classes and clinics,  Anu carries out her outreach work.

Anu’s salary is US$120 per month. If you would be interested in contributing towards her sponsorship, please contact us on

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