Blood Donation Programme

WONDERWorks celebrated International Women’s Day yesterday by contributing to the people of Nepal, through a Blood Donation Program. We aimed high with a target of 50 units of blood during the four hours the Nepal Red Cross was at the Support Centre – and that’s exactly what we achieved!

To say that we’re delighted would be an understatement. We’re incredibly proud of everyone, especially the first time donors who stepped out of their comfort zone and overcame their fears. We were touched by the many men who also came to support us or to step in for female family members who were unable to donate. We’re very grateful to the Sahara Community Learning Centre who helped boost our numbers and to our good friends who stepped up to the task or came to show support. We’re also touched by those who weren’t able to donate but who gave up their day to carry equipment, serve snacks, fill in forms and clean up afterwards.

In total 82 people registered with us but due to the time restraints and stringent rules about age, weight and not being able to donate during menstruation in Nepal, many hopeful donors were turned away.

Reflecting on the day – it was a happy day, a day of shared purpose and communal spirit, a day where new friends were made and old friends met up again. A day we were equal, connected by blood. A day to admire the strength and compassion of women and to appreciate the good men in our lives. A day to be proud to be a part of WONDERWorks.

We’re told that each unit can save up to three lives so, as a small NGO, we feel great satisfaction to have made a difference to the lives of patients on this important day for all women around the world.

PLEASE NOTE. We have confirmed with the Nepal Red Cross that they do NOT sell blood . A patient does have to pay around NPR600 per unit, but the cost is to pay for the equipment and to carry out necessary tests to ensure that the blood received is safe.

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