Child Safe Areas



There’s been a massive earthquake and  –

Your house isn’t safe to live in!

You’ve had to move your family into open ground, without proper shelter and the monsoon is approaching fast.

You don’t have food or cooking facilities to feed your children healthily.

Your children are traumatised and in constant fear of more tremors.

Schools have closed indefinitely and your children are bored and feeling depressed.

You need to work but your child support system has gone.

Your children are at risk of injury and illness.

Traffickers are on the prowl for vulnerable children.

Many Child Safe Areas have been set up to address such concerns.  Children who are safe, healthy and busy are also less stressed and less afraid. Parents can focus on getting their lives back on track, without worrying about their children’s safety. The government has also temporarily prohibited minors from travelling without a family member, to curb the increase in trafficking.

WONDERWorks had the opportunity to visit to one of the centres and found happy, well fed children, cared for by dedicated, professional helpers.

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