Children’s Clinic

We can’t thank Dr Manoj Shrestha enough for giving up his day off to run the Children’s Clinic, that we held at our Support Centre yesterday. This is the second time Dr Shrestha has kindly volunteered his time for us and the mothers were very grateful to be able to share the health concerns they had for their children with a Senior Consultant in Paediatrics. The clinic was provided free of charge, with prescribed medicines supported by WONDERWorks. The twenty-eight pre-selected children enjoyed games and a plate of Momos as they waited for their turn. When the consultations had finished, Dr Shrestha had a chat to some of the children about oral care and nutrition and had them all giggling as he got his message across.

The clinic ran from 10am to 3pm, so it was a long day for the doctor, especially as had been performing operations until after 10pm the night before. On behalf of all the children, their mothers and the WONDERWorks team, we’d like to once again say – THANK YOU SO MUCH, DR. SHRESTHA!


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