Congratulations and Thanks

We would like to congratulate Bridget and Ciaran Danielis on their recent wedding and thank them for the kind donation they have made, by raising funds for WONDERWorks on their special day.

A few weeks before the wedding, Bridget and her friend Lexi, came to Nepal for a holiday and spent a morning visiting our Support Centre. Bridget came away determined to contribute in some way and before long had thought of the perfect plan!

The wedding was to take place outdoors in a natural environment, with guests seated on hay bales. The only problem being that hay tends to be rather prickly and the weather in Ireland, even in the summer, can be a bit nippy. The solution? Yak blankets from Nepal!

Bridget chose a lovely selection of colourful blankets to place over the bales, so that nobody would get scratched and for people to use, as the evening got cooler. Information about WONDERWorks was put out, along with a suggested donation for anyone who would like to keep the blankets. This resulted in them all being taken home at the end of the day – and a generous donation for our charity!

With so much to do to arrange a wedding and with it being such a personal occasion, we feel really touched that Bridget and Ciaran thought of others on their important day.

The WONDERWorks Team wishes them both a lifetime of love and happiness!

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