Covid-19 Support

After ten long weeks of hunkering down for the second strict lockdown since the pandemic began, we’ve been able to open the Support Centre again this week! With transport allowed back on the road, we’ve finally been able to organise some Covid-19 support for women working in the entertainment sector. Some women have had very little income in more than a year because this is the first sector to close and the last to open. We spent two busy days ordering and putting together the supplies for the food and hygiene packages and started the distribution yesterday. To ensure that we run the program safely and to avoid crowding, we’re following all the Covid-19 safety guidelines, with appointments for collection every fifteen minutes over four full days. Each person is receiving one 25 kg bag of rice, 2 kilos of mixed lentils, 1 kilo of sugar and salt, spices, 2 litres of oil, a box of face masks, soap, hand sanitizer, 2 packets of disposable sanitary pads and one set of re-washable sanitary pads. On this occasion we’ve been able to provide 110 women with one package, in addition to one LPG gas cylinder refill each – because it seemed pointless to provide food staples, unless people have gas to cook with. We aim to provide more relief packages later in the month. To those who have supported this work, thank you so much!


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