Determination Reaps Rewards

It takes more than two earthquakes and constant strikes to get in the way of the dreams of these young ladies

We’re delighted with the success of our tailoring students who’ll finally be completing  their WONDERWorks Basic and Advanced Tailoring Courses in just a few days.

All five are graduating with flying colours and exemplary attendance, which is no mean feat considering the obstacles they’ve had along the way!  The centre had to close down for long periods after each quake (until the building could be declared safe) and then more recently, classes have been interrupted by political strikes (when transportation comes to a complete halt) extending the completion date each time.

They will finally be receiving their hard earned certificates,  qualifying them to set up as tailors. Four of the ladies hope to take up the opportunity whilst the other has decided to firstly gain more practical experience . They certainly deserve to do well.

If anyone is interested in sponsoring one of our ladies into a home tailoring business, please let us know, or donations can be made through Just Giving on our website. US$100 will cover the cost of a sewing machine and US$200 will cover all equipment required for one business, including a sewing machine, overlocker, iron and sewing table.

Thank you!

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