The Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited

1 Queen’s Road, Central, Hong Kong

Name of Account:  WONDERWORKS

A/C:   848-366639-838


* When transfering money to the WONDERWorks account, please send us an email to so that we can thank you.


PLEASE NOTE : The HK Inland Revenue Department has granted WONDERWorks exemption status under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance (cap.12) with effect from 26th October 2013

WONDERWorks  would like to make a special note of thanks to the following for their substantial donation to our projects.



  • Rose Davey
  • Gretta and Ray Funnell
  • JP Sabourin
  • Rosemary and Alan O’Neill
  • Maxine and Alan Savidge
  • Chulie and Marc Davey
  • Julie and Danny Quant
  • May and Mike Hughes
  • Karen Spensley


  • Gomac Agencies Ltd
  • Rayhan Raghuram
  • Robert McLean
  • Lydia and Sandy Macalister
  • Kim and Stew Beck
  • Kurnia For Hope  (
  • Sarah Bent  (
  • Dale and JP Sabourin
  • G S Ravi
  • Information Technology Colleagues, Pudsey
  • PI148-50 Reunion Group


  • Nicole DaPrato and Dylan Batten
  • Dr Alan O’Neill
  • Marc Davey
  • All donors who contributed to Marc Davey’s  ‘Lhasa to Kathmandu Challenge’
  • St Patricks Society of Selangor, Malaysia
  • All donors who contributed to Luke, Tom and Steve’s  ‘Mount Toubkal Challenge’
  • P.1 International


  • Jenn Gill-Kaur
  • Joyce Muir
  • Jill and Terry Thistlethwaite
  • P.1 International
  • Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO)
  • Rayhan Raghuram
  • Sylvie Hyde
  • Allison’s Place
  • All who sponsored our Charity Golf Day
  • Mazlim Husin
  • Davey-Batten-Nicholl-Cooke Family


  • Ingrid, Emma and Ross Laing
  • All who contributed to WONDERWorks Fundraising Events, Perth, UK
  • Jenn Gill-Kaur
  • Rayhan Raghuram
  • Zara Grime and Colleagues at Network Rail HRSS and FSS
  • Alice Smith School, Kuala Lumpur
  • VELS Academy
  • All who contributed to Ross Laing’s Base Camp Everest Marathon
  • All who contributed to our Project Dignity Campaign
  • Jackie Simpson (First Aid Plus HK)
  • Kay and Neville Watkins
  • Bali  and Raj


  •  Anne and Paul
  •  Rayhan Raghuram
  •  Jackie Simpson (First Aid Plus HK)
  •  Davey-Batten-Nicholl-Cooke Family
  •  Joyce Muir
  • Rick Brown
  • BananaLlama
  • Elephant Rose
  • Ingrid and Emma Laing
  • Phil and Eileen Scarratt
  • Journey Nepal
  • Perth High School
  • Helen Evans
  • RuthPhillips
  • Bethany Evergreens
  • All who contributed to the WONDERWorks Fundraisig Event, Perth, UK
  • All who contributed to the WONDERWorks Golf Tournament, KL, Malaysia