Fantastic News From Kathmandu

A brand new coffee shop has opened in town and can you guess who’s making their coffee?

YES!!! The two young ladies we recently sponsored on the Himalayan Java Coffee Barista Training Course!

They passed the training with flying colours and completed the compulsory fifty hours of internship before receiving their certificate last month.

Their commitment has certainly paid off!  Both were offered barista jobs at the trendy new coffee shop, with one doing the morning shift and the other taking over in the afternoon, providing the opportunity to hone their skills and gain confidence.

We asked the girls how things are going and they both say they’re enjoying the experience and find the work interesting, though it does have its challenges.  As with all school leavers, the girls have been learning the ropes the hard way.  They now know that employers expect their staff to arrive on time, that working life doesn’t involve much in the way of time off  – and that there’s no such thing as a free lunch!

We’re so happy that they’ve got off to such a great start but of course their hardest test is yet to come.   Maxine and Chulie will certainly be assessing their coffee making skills once they arrive in Kathmandu at the end of next week!

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