Feedback from Distribution in Gulmi

One year ago WONDERWorks, in partnership with the Gurkha Welfare Trust, carried out a Sanitary Pad distribution at Saraswati Higher Secondary School in Limgha Village, Gulmi District. The GWT has just conducted a detailed case study to find out what impact the sanitary kits have had, if any, and we feel very encouraged by the feedback they have sent us –

The Girls:

Have you used the sanitary pad we provided to you?

‘We all have used the sanitary pad’.

How is the sanitary pad? Was is comfortable?

‘We found this sanitary pad very comfortable and easy and we were not worried about leakage of blood once we wore this pad. This pad absorbs blood up to 5-6 hours (if the blood was normal), so we were quite relieved. Before we used a piece of cloth instead of pad, which only lasted for 2-3 hours. So, we had to change it frequently but now that problem has minimized.’

Have you given your pad to anyone else? Do you have any difficulties in washing and drying the pad?

‘No, we are using the pad only for ourselves and we haven’t given it to anyone else to use it. But we have showed it to our family members. So, we didn’t feel awkward or shy to dry the pad outside the sun. It has been very easy and we don’t have to face the problems which we used to when we didn’t have a proper pad. While using a cloth as a pad I had a fear that it might fall. But the pad which you gave us is very nice and comfortable and we don’t have to worry about those stuffs anymore. We can come to school and move around here and there freely and with confidence while wearing this pad as it also can hold blood for longer period of time. With this pad we have been able to travel long distances with ease. The fact that this pad can be washed and reused has made us very easy to use. ‘

Do you have any problem while washing and drying the pads?

‘We don’t have that much problem to wash the pad but it takes quite some time for the pads to dry. When it’s not a sunny day, it even takes 2 days for the pads to dry.’

The Mothers:

‘There has been a huge difference in health and hygiene of our daughters because before, when they used cloth and didn’t wash it properly and dried it, there used to be some kind of foul smell in the room. It also has been easy for them in the sense that these pads can be worn for longer period of time and they don’t have to change their pads frequently which is very nice.’

‘Our daughters say that it has become very easy to wash the pads. The cloth they used had to be frequently changed and washed, which was a bit difficult.’

Gurkha Welfare Trust:

It seems that the Pad given to us by Wonder Works has really done a wonderful job. The female students and teachers seem to like the pad. The pad is cost effective, re-usable, is free form chemicals and can hold blood for pretty good time. We still have to ask female students about how they feel about the sanitary pad in other schools which we have distributed the pad. But looking at this case study, it seems the pad has brought a very positive change in a girls life.

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