Last Sanitary Pad Distribution for 2021

WONDERWorks distributed reusable sanitary kits to 548 schoolgirls in four schools in  Kathmandu District on Thursday, 9th December.  The sanitary kits were produced to generate incomes for women who were unable to work during the lockdown and to ensure that girls would be able to attend school once they reopened. During the distributions we explained how to care for the pads and took the opportunity talk about the environmental and personal benefits of using washable sanitary pads instead of disposable ones. The four schools involved in the program were the Aarunodaya Secondary school (228 kits), Pharping Secondary school (217 kits), Seti Devi Secondary school (88) and Shree Ganesh School (15 kits). The distributions bring to an end our Covid Support 2021 program.

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