First Aid Kits Ready For Distribution

Chulie was in Nepal last week, giving her the chance to not only meet Anu, the sexual health nurse we are sponsoring, but also to check our First Aid Kits!

The three-tiered boxes look clean, well organised and well stocked.  By mid December all one hundred of the kits that WONDERWorks has agreed to sponsor will be ready to distribute.   In order to receive the free boxes, the owners or girls from the establishments must attend a one day workshop at Change Nepal, which covers first aid training, first aid box maintenance and a reproductive health care class.  They must also sign a contract pledging to replace used items at their own cost, which Anu will prescibe. The workshop is held at the Change Nepal centre so those attending will become familiar with it’s location and with the help on offer.  The name and phone number of Change Nepal will also be easily identifiable on the box for any girl wishing to reach out.

In this way these kits provide far more than the much needed medications currently not available.  They also provide an in road for outreach workers, allowing legitimate access to help these isolated young women and girls. WONDERWorks hopes to continue to support this project as funds allow.

One First Aid Box costs just US$10

yet has the potential to help numerous girls and women escape exploitation.

Please consider a donation for this project.  One hundred percent of your donation will go directly towards the First Aid Kits.  If you are able to help, or would like more information, please contact us on:

Thank you

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