First Aid training at WonderWorks support centre



Through the generous support of Jackie Simpson of First Aid Plus, WONDERWorks has recently organised two UK accredited First Aid courses through First Aid International UK Ltd, at our support centre in Kathmandu.

WONDERWorks felt it important that our staff receive basic first training in case of an emergency at our centre and as many small children attend with their mothers, we wanted to include Paediatric Emergency as part of that training. We also wished to take this opportunity to offer support to our partner NGO’s who run drop in centres and shelter homes.

Over the past three days Jackie has trained twenty staff members, including project managers, outreach workers, counselors and shelter mothers, with the qualification they’ve obtained being valid for three years.

The two courses, which took place over three days, were seven hours and twelve hours long and involved a lot of practical work.   The CPR manikins provided a realist, hands on experience  – and caused a fair amount of nervous giggling!

Jackie’s relaxed but thorough teaching manner and her good sense of humour seemed to keep everyone interested and attentive. Feedback has been very positive and we’re very proud to have been able to provide this excellent opportunity.  Thank you so much First Aid Plus!

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