Follow Up Photos Of New Projects

Take a look at our Projects Page to see the photos taken during our latest follow up on the businesses we set up in April.

Picking our way across monsoon-flooded Kathmandu, the team visited the new owners on site, to get a feel for how they were doing.  Despite constant wet weather, which was proving to be a challenge for the outdoor stalls, feedback was positive.  With everything set up and underway, the focus was mainly on bringing in more income and it was pleasing to note that some of the ladies had already put into practice suggestions we had made in our business workshops.  We brainstormed ideas on how to bring in potential customers, how to better organise working areas and how to give their businesses the edge over competitors.  Overseeing ledgers and log books also played a large part during our visit.

Our next follow up will be in September, when we return to Nepal to initiate future WONDERWorks projects.

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