Four New Businesses

Today was finally the big day for four of our tailoring graduates, who received the necessary equipment to start off their small businesses. It was certainly well-deserved considering that they’ve graduated from our six month Basic and Advanced Tailoring Course and completed our Cushion Making and Sanitary Pad making workshops. By the end of the month they will also have completed our new Design Course, which means they’ll be able to offer many new and different items to their customers. In addition, they’ve worked hard during our Business Workshop over the past six weeks to convince us that their businesses will be viable. Three of them will run a Home Tailoring business in Kathmandu and one is looking forward to returning to her village to set up a Tailoring Business there. With the determination they’ve shown and with WONDERWorks supporting them with regular follow up visits and phone calls over the next eighteen months, we have no doubt that these amazing young women will successfully achieve their goals.

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