Good News From Nepal

With all the bad news about the hardship people are going through in Nepal at the moment (due to the blockade at the Indian border) it’s been encouraging to receive some good news about the five small businesses we set up in September.

We have two home tailoring businesses and two tailoring shops now underway and hear they’re already taking steady orders!

We’re particularly pleased to know that our efforts to help one young lady move back to her village, is starting to pay off.  She’s the only tailor in the area and, being several hours from Kathmandu, with a good assortment of fabrics to choose from, she’s attracting more and more customers. Watch this space!

Other good news is that the cosmetic shop we also set up has been doing so well that many of their products sold out over Teej and they’ve had to reorder for Dashain! We’re delighted that the business is now able to fully support both teenage sisters and their disabled mother.


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