Graduation Day

Emotions were running high at the WONDERWorks Support Centre as the latest intake of students on our Basic and Advanced Tailoring Course finally graduated. It’s been a long time coming for them as they had been due to start the course in April 2020, just when the first lockdown was enforced. It was a whole year before we were allowed to run classes again and then, just three weeks later, the second lockdown began and the centre had to close once more for ten weeks.

The students could have forgiven for throwing in the towel at this stage, but these ladies are made of tougher stuff!  Every one of them not only came back to classes but they also stayed on for several hours longer each day to catch up on lost time. Unbelievably, they’ve completed their training within the original time frame and will be starting the Design Course on Monday, after a well-deserved holiday tomorrow.

We invited the next intake of students to join us in celebrating today, giving them the chance to meet their future course mates, to see what they will be making once they start in November and to ask any questions they may have.

There was much laughter and a few emotional tears as the graduates received their certificates and found themselves one step closer to  achieving their goals.  If they continue to show the same determination they’ve shown over the past eighteen months, we have no doubt whatsoever that they’ll realise their dreams.


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