Graduation Day

The Support Centre was buzzing with excitement on Friday as our tailoring graduates got ready for their graduation ceremony. The activity room was filled to the brim as our current tailoring students took time out from their lesson and a group of newcomers had also came along to watch.

There was a lot of giggling as the ladies modelled the different clothes they’ve made over the past six months and camera’s flashed furiously, to the sound of appreciation from the onlookers. When the show was over our tailoring tutor, Suja, said a few words before giving out the qualifying certificates and then our Guest of Honour, Shusma, from Journey Nepal, our tailoring centre sponsor, also gave a short speech before presenting the WONDERWorks certificates. Chulie went on to give out certificates of achievement to those who have shown qualities such as ability, creativity, punctuality, attendance and tenacity before everyone gathered together to chat and enjoy some biscuits and soft drinks.

Although it was a morning for the WONDERWorks team to feel proud and happy, it was also bittersweet. Only nine of the ten ladies who started the course last October graduated. One of the younger students who had shown so much potential wasn’t there. Half way through the course her family had asked her to go back home for an important ritual. It was only when she got back to her village that she realised she’d been tricked. She was forced into marriage and we haven’t seen her since.


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