Great Turn Out For Health Camp!


We arrived early at Change Nepal DIC to find everyone already hard at work with final preparations for the Health Camp. Posters were up, the registration table was all ready to go. Anu, sporting her white uniform, had weighing scales and blood pressure machine at the ready and the kitchen staff were in full swing.

Pramesh kindly vacated his office for the Sparsha team to set up for blood testing and Darina did final checks in the ‘clinical room’ before the arrival of the gynaecologist. Maxine and Chulie set about organising the entertainment in the waiting room and the karaoke machine and nail spa table were set up in no time.

By 10am everyone was in position. By 10.30am we were starting to get worried – not a lady in sight! Much to our relief, by 11am people seemed to arrive in droves and (for the most part anyway) the camp was running like clockwork. Working on a first come, first served basis, numbers were distributed, but nobody seemed in a hurry as they sang along to songs and painted their nails. Tea and biscuits did the rounds on a regular basis, ladies danced and chatted happily and even Pramesh joined in with the singing! Darina popped in occasionally to try her hand (and feet) at Bollywood dancing, causing much hilarity. Chulie caught all the action on camera and played with babies. Maxine kept things flowing smoothly by calling numbers and directing ladies to the correct rooms, before joining in with the ladies for a manicure. Bimala, worked her little socks off throughout the day as she raced around helping everyone. Once tummies were filled with hot samosas and pakoras, numbers started to slowly dwindle – and by 4pm we’d successfully screened 50 ladies!!

Needless to say we enjoyed a glass of wine to celebrate on the way home. What an amazing day!!

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