Health Camp

In partnership, Change Nepal and WONDERWorks held a Health Camp at the WONDERWorks Support Centre in Samakhusi yesterday. Throughout the course of the day, fifty three ladies and children from the age of twelve years and up came through our doors. Each person who attended had their blood pressure checked, a consultation with a gynaecologist and the opportunity to have an HIV test. During the wait to see the doctor everyone enjoyed some sweet tea and got together to play Chinese chequers, paint nails or relax over some adult colouring – and when all the check ups were completed each person enjoyed a boxed lunch. Free medications will be distributed on Monday along with a hygiene pack containing items such as underwear, toothpaste, toothbrush, comb, nail clippers, soap and lip balm.
Our thanks go out to all involved for helping to make the day such a success.

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