Health Camp on World AIDS Day

As December 1st was World AIDS Day – an international day dedicated to raising awareness about HIV – it seemed like the perfect day to hold our latest Well Woman Camp.

Working together with the professional services of NAHUDA (which focuses on reproductive health issues in Nepal) and SPARSH (which provides HIV screening) we supplied health checks to seventy-eight women and girls.

Each patient received a personal consultation with a gynaecologist, a breast examination, a VIA test (to identify pre-cancerous lesions), glucose and urine tests and an HIV test. They had their blood pressure and weight recorded and were also also given a demonstration on how to carry out breast self-examination.

Of the seventy-eight patients who attended the camp, fifty-nine received free, prescribed medications, which they collected from our Support Centre on Monday. Twenty other patients have been given referrals for an ultra-sound or Pap test (based on their VIA result). Everyone attending enjoyed a simple boxed lunch before heading away. We’re pleased to have been able to provide such comprehensive, much needed care for just under US$9 per person and would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to the Soarway Foundation for sponsoring our Health Matters programme.



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