Health Camp

Maxine, Darina and Chulie have been having lots of fun buying resources for their upcoming trip to Kathmandu and these cute newborn baby dolls will help Anu teach interactive post natal care and first aid health classes, soon to be introduced.

Our first week away will focus on health and on 15th April, in partnership with Change Nepal and SPARSH, WONDERWorks will  be sponsoring our first Well Woman Camp. The camp offers an opportunity for beneficiaries to obtain professional medical advice and treatment from a qualified Gynaecologist – an important service, well beyond the average budget.

Spearheaded by Darina, our new Health Advisor, along with Anu, our Health Nurse, the day long camp will offer free screening for up to fifty women and girls, with priority given to those between fifteen and thirty-five years of age.  It’ll be held at the Drop In Centre in Thamel and we hope to make a fun day of it for everyone, providing snacks and entertainment as the ladies wait their turn.

It’s sure to be a hectic but day worthwhile day!

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