Health Program Back on Track

Following the earthquake on 27th April this  year, Anu Bista,  the health nurse we support, found herself  faced with very different challenges to those she’d signed up for!

Anu’s regular health classes and health clinics were put on hold as she became involved with distributing the relief materials (which included food, hygiene kits and general medicines) provided by Change Nepal.  Anu’s new role involved counselling on the correct use of the medication,  the importance of maintaining personal hygiene, safe food storage food and  also sanitation. She spent much of her time giving demonstrations on the different methods  used to purify drinking water.

After the second earthquake on 12th May, it was felt that the drop in centres were no longer safe, so Anu and her colleagues worked from a tent on the grounds of the Social Welfare Office.  Surrounded by  families who had set up camp on the open ground, Anu soon started to provide health counselling, doing general check ups, taking blood pressure and providing baby food for the very young. She also treated various wounds and  other injuries caused by the earthquake. Meanwhile she continued with her outreach work and offered counselling by phone.

After some time Anu started working from the Thamel drop in centre again, overcoming her fear of being on the 5th floor of a building that had shaken so violently, as terrified staff evacuated. Understandably there have been very few  ladies prepared to risk entering the building to take advantage of Anu’s services.

We’re happy to hear that the centre has now moved to safe premises and Anu’s health program if once again up and running.  Most recent classes have covered First Aid and Pregnancy – with good attendance!  It’s heart warming to know that life is starting to get back to normal and that our projects are slowly getting back on track. We’re so thankful for the dedication,  hard work and support of the wonderful people we work with!

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