Introducing Anu

We’d like you to meet  Ms Anu Bista .

Anu is the successful applicant for the position of Sexual Health Nurse, a much needed role that WONDERWorks has undertaken to  support, through Change Nepal.  Anu achieved her General Nursing and Midwifery Certificate before taking up a number of internships at community health posts and local hospitals. At twenty-two years of age, this is Anu’s first post – and it is a challenging one!

In an effort to connect with the young women and girls who work in the entertainment industry of Kathmandu, Anu enters establishments (working in pairs with outreach workers, for safety reasons) to give health advice, ensure First Aid boxes are stocked and to provide encouragement to take up help on offer at Change Nepal.

Anu also runs two drop in centres twice weekly in Thamel and  Balaju.  As the main bus terminal in Kathmandu is located at Balaju, the centre is strategically located.  It is here that young, poor village girls flow into the city on a daily basis – straight into the hands of traffickers! Anu runs a clinic, provides classes on sexual health, offers advice and gives referrals for specialist clinics.

Far from being daunted by the demanding work, Anu feels that it is exactly what she has been looking for, as she wants to dedicate her life to social services. Although the work can be problematic, she says that she enjoys inspiring the girls to be hopeful and to help them move forward.

WONDERWorks is committed to sponsoring Anu.  She is a young, dedicated professional, who provides such valuable work. We ask you to please consider helping us to provide ongoing sponsorship, for which the monthly cost is US$150.

For  more  information,  or  if  you  would  like  to  help  (either individually or as a group) please contact us on:  

Any help you may be able offer is greatly appreciated.

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