Introducing Bimala Khatri

Bimala is our longest serving staff member, having joined WONDERWorks in 2013 as our Project Manager, responsible for establishing and following up on our small businesses.
After opening our Support Centre in 2016 her tasks expanded enormously and she was promoted to Administrative Officer. The title doesn’t do her justice however as Bimala’s does many jobs rolled into one. She’s taken on numerous extra duties over the years including supervising staff, running business workshops, administration, translation, organising activities, liaising with partner NGOs, purchasing fabrics for the tailoring centre, carrying out Sanitary Pad Distributions, organising programs and events, as well as overseeing the day to day management of the centre. It’s clear that Bimala’s passionate about her work and she seems to embrace every new challenge that gets sent her way. She’s loyal and competent, has a very caring nature and excellent interpersonal skills. This has made her the perfect candidate for WONDERWorks to sponsor on a ‘Diploma in Counseling’ course, which she has just started. Six months from now Bimala will be adding the role of Counsellor to her long list of responsibilities.

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