Introducing Kumari Gurung

Some time ago Kumari joined one of our tailoring courses and proved to be an exceptional student. We noticed that she often stayed behind after class, quietly helping her less able course mates. WONDERWorks soon realised that her patience and excellent teaching ability was helping to achieve surprising progress, especially where maths and draft making was concerned, so we asked her to run a remedial class three times a week. She spent a lot of time teaching herself new things from the internet and at the request of the students she started to run cushion making classes and some design items she had taught herself from the internet – resulting in a Design Class for our graduates.

Helpful, dependable and unassuming, Kumari has now been passing on her skills at WONDERWorks for eighteen months. We’ve been encouraging Kumari to try for a formal teaching qualification and are so thrilled that she has just received her First Level Tailoring certificate from CTEVT (The Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training).

Kumari clearly has extraordinary talent and WONDERWorks is pleased to be sponsoring her on an external, two month Special Design Course, which she started at the beginning of May.

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