Introducing Rasu Gurung

Rasu joined WONDERWorks as our part time Outreach Worker a year ago, having previously worked with Step Nepal. Her role is to spread the word about WONDERWorks, explaining about our different activities and programs and then bring new ladies to the centre to introduce them and show them around. Rasu encourages the ladies to attend our Health Camps and Health Classes, invites them to come to our social activities and also join our training programs. Rasu visits different establishments in the area, mainly khajar ghars and dohori restaurants, on Thursday evenings and Friday afternoons. She also raises awareness about sexual diseases and explains the correct use of contraception, both in the field and at our support centre.

Rasu often pops into the centre just to visit us and is always on hand to help out during our programmes, especially the blood donation and health camps. Outreach work can be difficult but Rasu’s confidence, open-mindedness and likeable nature, make her very good at what she does.

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