Introducing….Rejina Rai.

WONDERWorks often talks about ‘The WONDERWorks Team’ so we thought it was about time we introduce (in no particular order) all our staff members, who work so hard behind the scenes, ensuring that our programmes are successful:

Introducing ……. REJINA RAI.

Rejina joined WONDERWorks as the Support Centre Manager in January 2016, when we first opened the Support Centre. Her role at that time was to keep the centre in good condition and to welcome and record visitors. Before long Rejina was taking on more and more responsibility, including running our playgroups, making sanitary pad patterns and distributing fabrics. She used her spare time to teach herself how to make sanitary pads and before long she was helping to run the workshops. When we partnered with the Gurkha Welfare Trust, Rejina was promoted to Project Dignity Manager and is now solely responsible for purchasing fabrics, keeping track of stock, quality control, packing and keeping a register of who makes the pads for us. She also runs the Project Dignity Training room and teaches all of our training workshops. On top of all that she’s happy to help out in other areas, such as making follow up calls for our programs. Project Dignity is becoming bigger by the day and we’ve come to rely on Rejina’s patience, excellent organisational skills and quiet efficiency.

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