Introducing Sabimaya Kulong

We first met Sabimaya in 2016, when she came to our centre to take our Basic and Advanced Tailoring Course and we’ve been enjoying her helpful company ever since. Sabimaya regularly brought her three little girls to our playgroups, attended our self-defence and business workshops and joined in all our social programs. Then she took our Sanitary Pad making workshop and soon became our most experienced and prolific sanitary pad maker. When Rejina was promoted to Project Dignity Manager we knew that Sabimaya was the perfect candidate to replace her as Support Centre Manager.

Always hard working, she welcomes and registers newcomers, making them feel at home, and is responsible for opening and closing up the centre each day. She keeps the centre in shipshape condition and makes refreshments for people attending our programs. Sabimaya also helps run the Playgroups and has become an excellent playdough maker. The Support Centre certainly wouldn’t be the same without her cheerful smile and wonderful sense of humour!

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