Introducing Suja Rana

Suja has been teaching our Basic and Advanced Tailoring Course at the Support Centre since we opened in early 2016, having taught for six years before she joined our team. Starting out with just four students in the small tailoring room at our first Support Centre, Suja is now teaching classes of ten, working every weekday morning. Suja has readily accepted the extra workload and can regularly be seen down on her knees in the tailoring room, helping her students to measure and cut out one of the many items she teaches throughout the course. Despite the interruption, Suja never fails to offer visitors a bubbly and exuberant welcome, when they pop in to see the Tailoring room in action. We’re grateful that she’s always supportive of our activities and is a regular donor at Blood Donation programmes.

In addition to teaching the course, Suja keeps a daily register, monitors progress, does assessments and also provides her own certificate for each student at the end of the course. Suja, to our admiration, embarks on each new course with equal enthusiasm and dedication and has just started to teach her seventh course with WONDERWorks.

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