It’s All So Exciting

Bimala, our new Project Co-Ordinator, was very much thrown into the deep end this month, but despite being only a few days into her new job, came up swimming!   Chulie arrived on a whirlwind visit to Kathmandu, partly to put preparations in place for our main visit in September but also to research facilities for skills training.

Despite ten days of monsoon rains, that caused havoc in parts of Nepal, we were able to follow up on some of the recent businesses, providing an opportunity to introduce the ladies and Bimala to each other. It also gave us an opportunity to touch base with Anu, our hard working Health Nurse, who tells us her clinics and classes are being well attended.

New contracts have been signed to set up three young ladies into two cart business. One will be selling spices, the other, baby clothes. The new business recipients are the youngest we have set up independently to date, being only fifteen, seventeen and eighteen years of age.

Thanks to a generous donor, Bimala now has a new computer to work from, making communication much easier. And  –  from mid-September – we will have our own WONDERWork’s office, in Kathmandu!!!

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