Kobold Training

Last November six of our ladies started training to make high quality, hand made leather items, such as watch straps, key rings, pen holders and wallets, for Kobold Watches. The full time training is held every weekday at our Support Centre, with trainers from Kobold Watches coming in to teach and supervise.

The work is painstaking and involves fine motor skills and a great deal of patience. Four of those ladies persevered with the training, two of whom have now moved to the Kobold premises at Babah Mahal Revisited to continue their training there. Feedback so far has been that they’re both progressing well, that they’re disciplined in their work and are always punctual. We feel very proud!

Two weeks ago three more ladies started training at the centre, so we now have seven tailoring graduates on the program. Working from our centre allows those with little ones, the flexibility to work and still be able to care for their children. Their tailoring skills have given them an advantage for selection because they will eventually learn to use the special sewing machines needed for leather work. Kobold Watches pays them a salary during training which increases as they progress and we’re very grateful to them for providing both the skills and the opportunity of long term, secure employment.


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