Kobold Training

WONDERWorks is constantly on the look out for different ways to upskill our ladies so we were delighted when Michael Kobold
of Kobold Expedition Tools kindly offered to provide six of our tailoring graduates with the opportunity to train with them. They are learning to make high end leather items, such as watch straps, belts, wallets and key rings, working with quality leather, including deer, crocodile and stingray.

The training is being held at our support centre and started on 20th November, with the trainer coming every weekday, for five to six hours. It will take several months to become skilled and involves patience and dexterity, but those who show ability and successfully complete the training will secure long term employment with good renumeration.

To give the ladies a better understanding of what’s involved we had a field trip to the Kobold Watch Company workshop and showroom at ‘Babar Mahal Revisited’ today, where we spent an hour asking questions, having a go at sewing leather on different machines and inspecting the finished items.

We can’t thank Michael enough for providing us with this unique opportunity!

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