Latest Last Hope Project

Spring is in the air in Nepal and it’s time for new beginnings. Our Last Hope Project aims to give enough support to someone in difficult circumstances to get back on their feet. WONDERWorks was recently able to assist a young woman who had been struggling to get a foothold on life again after returning to Nepal following a traumatic experience in a war-torn country. Amrita (not her real name) had only a small bag of clothes to her name so, although she had managed to secure a job, without assistance to get her through to her first pay day, she was unable to start work and provide for herself and her teenage daughter.

WONDERWorks has covered her first month’s room rent and given grocery supplies and funds for fresh food. We also set her up with mattresses, simple furniture, flooring, a gas cooking stove with an LPG cylinder, household effects, cutlery, crockery, cooking pans, bedding, towels and personal toiletries. Most of the items were second hand and so with just a few thousand Rupees we were delighted to have been able to help Amrita become self-sufficient again. We wish her all the best for her new start in life.


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