Menstrupedia Comic

WONDERWorks has discovered an excellent educational resource to help explain about menstrual health during our washable sanitary pad distributions in rural schools.   


Menstrupedia is a comic aimed at girls between nine and fourteen that explains almost everything a young girl is likely to ask about periods, in a clear and simple way, through the characters in the story.  Information includes why girls have periods,  how to prepare for and manage them, and what to expect. It also explains how to dispose of (or wash) them correctly,  promotes personal hygiene and debunks myths concerning impurity.


We’re pleased to have found such a comprehensive and interesting  source of information –  especially one that is in Nepali.  Unfortunately they are too costly to provide to individual girls, but we plan to use them in our presentation and then give one or two comics to each school – where hopefully boys will also have the opportunity to read them.

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