Mission Accomplished!

We’re happy and relieved to have completed our final distribution of food and hygiene packages today. Over the past month we’ve been able to provide more than 400 women and their families with basic food supplies and essential hygiene items and hope that this will help make life a little easier for them until entertainment establishments open again. A huge amount of supplies have been hauled up the stairs to our centre and sorted into bags ready to be distributed, including 10,750 kgs of rice , 860 kgs of lentils, 860 litres of oil, 82kgs of spices, 640kgs of flour, 430kgs of sugar, 640kgs of mixed grains, 430kgs of salt, 20,500 face masks and 5,160 sanitary pads! Many thanks to our generous and kind donors who made this possible and a big pat on the back for the WONDERWorks team who worked so hard, volunteering long hours to ensure that the process went smoothly and safely.

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