More Businesses In the Pipeline


Maxine and Chulie are busy finalising plans for their upcoming two week trip to Kathmandu.  Arriving on 18th April, they will put into progress as many new businesses as present funds allow.  With a long list of hopeful ladies to interview, contracts to sign, follow ups on previously established businesses and research into costings for the crèche and emergency shelter, their days will be full. Not too full of course to catch up with our Patron, Maya Gurung, to hear all about her amazing month in Tanzania, where she climbed her fourth summit, Kilimanjaro.

Every cent WONDERWorks receives goes directly towards our projects, as Maxine and Chulie cover their own costs on their visits. The number of businesses they are able to put into place is only limited by the amount of funds they have, so if anyone is interested in either sponsoring an entire business (US$500) or contributing towards one – now is the perfect time!

WONDERWorks would like to thank everyone who has kindly and generously made donations.  For information on how your funds have been spent, keep a look out for our Latest News.

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