More Small Businesses Underway In Kathmandu

Maxine and Chulie arrived back from Kathmandu on 30th April after a long and tiring, but productive twelve days.

Caught out by unseasonally cold, wet weather, they bundled up in newly purchased yak wool blankets and headed out

across the valley to do follow up visits on the businesses that were set up in April last year.  Meanwhile interviews got underway for the newly hopeful recipients of business grants and by the end of the week eleven new ladies had the go ahead to set up in nine businesses.  These included two kirana shops (local name for a provision store), two beauty parlours, one khajar ghar (local coffee shop), two tailors and two clothing stalls.

As part of their contracts the ladies were required to attend a business orientation workshop, which took place the following weekend.  WONDERWorks project manager, Yadav Gurung kindly agreed to translate and four hours into the course, our reintegration officer was still busily answering questions and demonstrating how to fill in the ledgers. Previous recipients also attended and it was very encouraging that so much enthusiasm filled the room.

Some of the ladies have already taken over the helm since Maxine and Chulie came back and the others, who are being helped by the dedicated board members of Biswas Nepal, are not far away from launching.  Exciting times!

In the past twelve months, with support from our donors, WONDERWorks has helped twenty-three entertainment workers to leave the industry and set them up in seventeen small businesses.

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