Ms Maya Gurung

WONDERWorks  is delighted to introduce our PatronMS MAYA GURUNG

Maya is interested in helping disadvantaged women in Nepal and is committed to seeing them empowered and educated, so that they are in a position to stand up for their rights. Maya is able to empathise with issues women in Nepal face, having grown up in the rural district of Sindhupalchok, an area well known for human trafficking.

Considered a rebel within her community for running away from home to escape a forced marriage when she was fourteen, Maya is now considered an inspiration for women in Nepal.

As part of an expedition in 2008, Maya, at the age of 28, became the first woman from her Gurung community to have reached the summit of Everest, as part of a women’s team called the Seven Summits. Their mission is to scale seven mountains in seven continents and have so far have achieved Everest in Nepal, Mount Kosciuszko in Australia, and Mount Elbrus in Russia.  In February 2013 they will scale Mount Kilimanjaro, with plans to conquer Mount Aconcagua in Argentina, Mount Denali in USA and Mount Vinson in Antartica in the near future.

Maya on top of Mount Elbus

WONDERWorks is very grateful to have Maya on their own team, as both a dedicated supporter and a wonderful role model for the girls and women we strive to help.

Maya (bottom right) with some board members of Biswas Nepal and WONDERWorks

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