Nepal cooking school

The Nepal Cooking School provides cooking classes for tourists twice a day, with 100% of the profits going to Journey Nepal, who empower women and girls.

Journey Nepal is currently supporting some WONDERWorks projects with proceeds from the school, so Chulie and Bimala were thrilled to have the opportunity to join in with one of the classes and try our hand at cooking some Nepalese dishes.  It turned out to be SO much fun!

We started out with a walk to the market where the enthusiastic chef helped us select fresh vegetables, cheese, milk and spices and then headed back to the school – in a rickshaw! We’d been told to come along hungry and we were so glad that we did because we’d cooked and munched our way through five courses by the end of the afternoon! Slurping our masala tea, we pitched in to chop the ingredients as we savoured  the smells of different spices. Shaping the paneer momos was rather challenging but even the strangest shaped ones tasted delicious! And even though we swore we were too full to eat the carrot pudding, it was simply too delicious to remain uneaten!

If you’re in Kathmandu we’d highly recommend taking a class. You can learn new recipes, make new friends and make a difference – all at the same time!

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