New Start For Young Sisters

Escorting two young sisters around cosmetic wholesalers proved to be a colourful experience for the WONDERWorks team on Friday.

As part of their prerequisite business workshops, these sixteen and seventeen year olds had long since done their research. They knew exactly what they wanted to buy and the cheapest wholesaler to buy from, in order to get started on their cosmetic shop on the outskirts of Kathmandu.

Beginning with costume jewellery  (perfect for the upcoming Teej festival) we found ourselves in a crowded basement filled to the brim with the likes of bangles, beads,  and ornate hair ornaments.  A visual treat for sure,!

Some time later and fighting off claustrophobia, it felt good to emerge and be back out in the open as we navigated our way through the muddy market streets to our next stop – beauty products! Before long an interesting assortment of products, getting bigger by the minute, piled up by our feet. Henna, skin bleaching and hair removing creams, toothbrushes, hair dyes, men’s colognes, moisturisers, shampoos, hygiene products, eye liner, talcum powder, soap, sun cream and face wash! All essential items for the Dasain festival in October, so we’re told!

Our final stop was for hair accessories, where a sparkly range of items concluded the list and a very cute dog joined our party! All that was left to be done was to get their bulky purchases to the bus stop – not an easy task for two small girls!  We needn’t have worried as they were soon happily waving goodbye to us, their hired porter struggling along behind. They’d truly thought of everything!

We’ll be heading out to visit their shop in the next few days and will be back with an update!

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