New Tailoring Classes Begin


March 22nd was an exciting day for our new batch of students who had their long awaited first lesson.  To complete the Basic Training Course they’ll need to attend the Tailoring Institute for two hours a day, six days a week, for three months, starting out with children’s items and moving on to adult clothing. Those who persevere will then be eligible to continue on to the Advanced Course, which will put them in a position to set up their own tailoring business.

Running in conjunction with the course we’ve also just started an Intermediate/Advanced Course, which is geared to a smaller group of ladies who’ve already had basic sewing training elsewhere but need to build confidence and develop more skills before tackling the advanced level.

Meanwhile our graduates from the previous Basic Training Course successfully completed their Advanced Course this month and are now being considered for a home tailoring business, which is their ultimate goal.  We’ve been very fortunate to receive sufficient funds to help these five ladies, thanks to our donors!

We’ll no doubt be setting up quite a few before the end of 2015 which will cost about US$200 each.  A sewing machine costs US$100 (not US$200 as incorrectly stated in earlier posts. Sorry!) and a further US$100 covers equipment, a table and chair and start up materials. Every cent pledged goes directly into the projects.

If you’d be interested in helping one of our ladies we’d LOVE to hear from you! Thanks SO much!

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