Our feedback forms have arrived

In July we distributed washable sanitary pad kits to 55 schoolgirls

at NIgale School, in Jethal VDC. We asked the girls to give us their honest comments on the feedback forms we left with them, so that we could make improvements for future projects. The results were interesting and insightful.

100% of the girls had used the pads, with 78% considering them good with regards to comfort and protection.100% said that the two sets were enough to last them throughout their period. Every student who followed the instructions to soak the pads overnight in salt found they washed easily. Importantly 100% claimed that the pads made it easier for them to come in to school during their periods and 82% said they felt it helped them to participate in extra-curricular activities and when using the school toilet.

As the majority of girls felt that they also needed longer pads for heavy flow days and overnight use, we’re now working on a larger design. Our next project is planned for November and the new kits will include one regular set and one overnight/heavy flow set, with four pads in each.

Meanwhile our ladies are coming in to the centre every day to make the kits and to help make ends meet.

If you’d like to help a schoolgirl stay in school and support a lady in her effort to earn a dignified living, please go to:


Thank you!

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