Our latest sanitary kit distribution

Last week WONDERWorks distributed washable sanitary pad kits to seventy-two rural schoolgirls and four  teachers at Banasthali School, near Bhoje Village in Lamjung.

Except for a slight camera malfunction (making all the photos blue!) the event was a great success and attracted quite a gathering of villagers, in addition to the students! Yadav, our Management Committee member, said the girls looked rather shy about receiving the kits and the teachers shared their experiences about how hesitant students are to come to school during their periods.  They felt that the sanitary pads would be very helpful for the girls because there is a two hour walk to Gilung and then a further hour and a half bus ride to Rambazaar, the nearest town where disposable pads are available.  Yadav tells us that the school management committee, students and staff all expressed their thanks and best wishes to WONDERWorks  and the distribution was followed by  dancing and singing, performed by the students.

WONDERWorks is very grateful to Yadav for going so far afield to get the kits to the school and to all those who kindly contributed towards Project Dignity. Not only have the sanitary kits reached those who really need them but they have also provided a dignified income for the ladies at our centre who have made them.

If you would like to find out more about Project Dignity please take a look at our campaign page:




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