Our new carts have arrived at last!!


It took a few weeks to get these carts made and delivered but they’ve certainly made life easier for these young business owners! They started their new businesses back in September, one selling underwear from a tarpaulin mat in the market place and the other selling spices in small plastic bags from a basket. The new carts (which are light to move) have meant that they can be far more mobile and display a larger selection of products. The roof offers a certain amount of protection from the sun and rain and the shelf underneath is useful for storage.

These hard working ladies, who are only 18 and 19 years old, have done very well over the past few months and it’s great to see that they’ve clearly been investing their profits back into their businesses, with far more stock than when they set up.

It can’t be an easy way to earn a living, especially during the Himalayan winter, but it’s rewarding to hear them say that they’re very happy.

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