Partnership with GWT

We’re delighted to announce that we are now in partnership with the Gurkha Welfare Trust, ensuring that we can provide more school girls and teachers in remote areas with our washable sanitary kits. The hope is that ultimately the kits will be available to entire communities and that, through training village tailors and women’s groups, they will become sustainable.

The partnership benefits both organisations. The Gurkha Welfare Trust is ordering our washable sanitary kits for their Water and Sanitation Projects and WONDERWorks is providing GWT with a source of locally produced, good quality kits that are being produced on a non-profit basis. This arrangement enables WONDERWorks to continue to provide dignified incomes and our ongoing costs for Project Dignity are much more affordable.

With the Gurkha Welfare Trust’s excellent logistics and their work in extremely remote areas, the partnership means that, not only will we be able to continue our mission to reach and provide kits to keep girls in school but the girls, boys and parents will also receive quality talks on menstrual and sexual hygiene, because their highly experienced social workers will attend all distributions. GWT also has the resources to collect feedback and data, which they will share with us, helping to ensure the effectiveness of Project Dignity.

We’re thrilled to have this opportunity to work with such a highly regarded organization and feel excited about how we may be able to move forward together in the future.


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