Project 1611 Event A Huge Success


WONDERWorks got a big surprise this week, when Laura and Sandra of Project 1611 contacted us to let us know that the fundraising event they’ve been organising, raised RM7,000! We’re totally in awe of this amazing group of young people, who’ve dedicated so much time and effort over the past six months to ensure that it was such a success. Looking at the photos we can see that everyone had a thoroughly enjoyable day. We’re incredibly proud of what they’ve achieved and extremely grateful and honoured that they chose to support our charity.

We asked them to tell us more about Project 1611 and the event:

“On the 30th June, Project 1611 had their very first event, also known as Yud’dha Freedom 2018. Yud’dha Freedom is directly translated from the Nepali Language to mean ‘Battle for Freedom’. Project 1611 is an independent youth-led initiative. The committee members consist of driven, passionate, and responsible global change-makers. They had a groundbreaking number of 200 participants, who came from different social-economical backgrounds with similar demographics.

The event that Project 1611 hosted was an entirely new concept that has not been adopted by any non-governmental organisations in the past. This charity sports event differs from other sports initiatives as we had a selection of 3 sports (dodgeball, captainball, futsal) and participants were able to play an unlimited set of matches. The whole idea of this event was to promote resilience and teamwork amongst the teammates. Every point generated during the matches, directly funded RM5 for the charity partner organisation, WONDERWorks. Additionally, we had a selection of food trucks and performances during halftime of the sports, giving participants the time to relax after the rigorous sport sessions!

To wrap up the event, Project 1611 proudly announced that they had raised over RM7,000 for WONDERWorks Asia. As a start-up initiative, we would like to thank our participants, volunteers, committee members, and sponsors for supporting our event. The entire journey may not have been smooth sailing, but the event day proved otherwise. To conclude, it has been an entirely successful event. Thank you, freedom fighters. “

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