Project Forward Steps

We’d been just two weeks away from launching our exciting new project ‘Forward Steps’, at the Support Centre, when we had to close our doors last March for the lockdown. Everyone was so disappointed and it’s been such a long wait but today we’ve finally been able to get started!The project, which spans over eighteen months, offers a unique opportunity for twenty women to pursue their dream of becoming a tailor. Two intakes of ten students each will undertake a six month Basic and Advanced Tailoring Course, followed by a three month Design Course. They will then complete six Business Workshops before being set up with all the equipment and support needed for a home tailoring business. Forward Steps is an amalgamation of previous projects and completely free to participants but, once accepted, the women must pledge to see through the project from start to finish. The first intake of students arrived for their first lesson looking a little nervous this morning but were soon busily focused on coming to grips with their sewing machines, learning to sew straight and curved lines and making new friends.Meanwhile the ladies on our Mehndhi Training course are delighted at the potential for ‘fresh hands’ to try out their new skills on. It’s so heartening to see the Support Centre come back to life again!

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