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WONDERWorks is delighted to announce that Bimala Khatri, has recently been promoted to ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER.

Bimala joined WONDERWorks in June 2014 as our Business Manager, to help set up and support our small businesses in Nepal.  It became evident very early on that Bimala had great potential.  Always willing to take on more and more responsibility, she was soon efficiently managing most areas of our work, with little supervision. We were impressed by Bimala’s commitment and selflessness, when she put WONDERWorks ahead of her own difficulites, during the earthquake last year. Although alone and homeless herself throughout much of that time, she located and provided help where needed to our ladies. Since opening our Support Centre in January,  Bimala’s role has

expanded even further and we felt it high time that her capabilities were recognised.

Bimala, you’re one in a million and we’re incredibly proud of you!


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